Studio 15

Here Studio 15 is an Animation and Multimedia company by Dr. Nitish Roy which serves it’s clients with graphics, animation and various other aspects of multimedia using latest of the technologies in vogue. It’s outputs are all at par with international standard. It’s clients are also from various countries from all over the world like USA, UK, NIGERIA, FRANCE etc.and allover INDIA indeed. A comparatively new company that has already made it’s mark in the market leaving behind many who have been working since long before. Concept Art, Character Design, Story Boarding, Background Designing, VFX, compositing, Matte Painting, 3D modelling etc. are all done in course of 2D and 3D animations and live action generation. It has a vision to create a new frontier in this field and is going ahead in full steam. Goes without saying, very soon it will find itself high in the echelon of the world of multimedia and keep moving upward.