Studio Art


Dr. Nitish Roy executes his designs from Studio Art. He has an efficient team members enlisted under him like carpenters, painters, sculptors, moulders, landscape artists, etc. They adept at translating his dreams into reality.

Overcoming the drawbacks of working in a third world country and the socio-economic realities of the Indian society, Dr. Nitish Roy always dares to dream and explore designs and dimensions. He feels it is his privilege to work in India ever so because of the challenges that are thrown on an Art Director. And it is very rewarding indeed when his works are compared with the finest that are produced elsewhere in the world. After graduation from the Government Art College, Kolkata, Dr. Nitish Roy began his career as a commercial artist in an advertising agency and in his spare time, would design interiors for friends and acquaintances as well. His designs for exhibition pavilions fetched him appreciation and awards too. The hunger to do more creative work and the enthusiasm to break away from the traditional and conventional norms of designing, took him to film set designing. This was the perfect arena for Dr. Nitish Roy to explore new dimensions, and experiment with colours, shapes and various forms. Nitish soon became a trend setter and established himself as a leading art director and production designer in the Film Industry and in due course trained several present day art directors who once worked as his assistants.