Today the works of Dr. Nitish Roy cover an extraordinarily wide range of Projects - Architecture, Landscapes, Film Art Direction, and Thematic Concepts. Varying in scale from small Private Homes, Film Sets, Film Studios, Amusement Parks, Mausoleum, Restaurants, Health Spas, Botanical Gardens, Art Galleries... he has designed them all.

An all pervasive theme to this architecture is a spontaneity and freedom from conformity. Dr. Nitish Roy strongly supports the way Architecture modifies and evolves according to the local conditions and emerging aspirations of the society.

He believes progressive technology should be given due importance. No art feels its influence as strongly as Architecture. And as prevailing technology changes every few decades, the designer must reinvent his design on the values on which it is based. Nitish is constantly looking out at the world of design and testing its frontiers. He does not classify himself under any design theory and believes that innovation and invention to be his forte.

Studio Art, the company formed by Him, is a new kind of Architectural and Communication firm providing a full range of Design and production services for its corporate, entertainment, museum and hospitality clients.

Since the Company has an Art Direction wing, Nitish and his team have used the technology prevalent in the Film industry and after due research and development, adapted it for architectural use.

Dr. Nitish Roy's background in Art Direction also helps in theme oriented projects like amusement parks, resorts, film cities, etc. where the design concept cannot be restricted to the conventional and where historical veracity is also important.