Dr. Nitish Roy

The Creative Maestro


The country acknowledged his class in 1982 when he got his first official highest acknowledgement in the form of receiving National Award for Kharij - Directed by the Legend ShriMrinal Sen. Later on he received similar recognition for Mandi in 1984 Directed by Legendary ShriShyamBenegal, followed by the third time for Lekin in 1990Directed by Mr.Gulzar. Amongst various recognitions for his memorable works, he has received Filmfare Award, BFJA Award, Kalakar Award, Life Time Achievement Awardfrom Government of West Bengal. He has also worked on other popular Hindi movies like Jo JeetaWohiSikander (1992), Maine Gandhi KoNahin Mara (2005), Fanaa (2006) and Bride & Prejudice (2004). He was also the Production Designer for the acclaimed Doordarshan series ‘Bharat EkKhonj’ (1988) directed by the Legendary ShriShyamBenegal, for which he designed 144 sets. He has also worked with acclaimed Hollywood director Ridley Scott on Gladiator (2000) which was nominated for twelve Academy awards after the original designer left. In early 1999, the production of Gladiator had hit a crisis point. It was behind schedule; a lot of the sets had to be scrapped because they were sub-standard; and a lot of the budget had been eaten up already by the rejected sets. It was then that production designer, Crispin Sallis, was called in to help save the production.

Sallis called up the well-known Indian set designer, Dr. Nitish Roy, and asked him if he could help. World-class sets had to be created and had to be delivered to meet near-impossible deadlines.

Dr. Nitish Roy had worked in Hyderabad at the Ramoji Film City before, and knew the city's set-making abilities: its talent pool of artists, sculptors, painters and mould-makers. Working with only a hastily collected library of coffee-table books on the Roman Empire and its architecture, Roy and his team working virtually round the clock, finally delivered. And the rest is history.

He then delved into directing Bengali films like EkPoshlaBristi (1989), GosainbaganerBhoot (2011), JoleJongole (2012), Tadanto(2015) BuddhuBhutum (2019),Nonoga (Up Coming)

Beside art direction, production design and film direction he is an Internationally acclaimed Architect who has created several Film Cities like Ramoji Film City (Hyderabad) Innovative Film City (Bengaluru),Prayag Film City (Kolkata), Several Theme Parks, Amusement Parks including Water Parks &Snow Dome, Thematic Restaurants, Museum not only in India but also in countries like Indonesia.

It’s really difficult to differentiate the best of his work, but Ramoji Film City – the First Ever complete Film City of the Country needs worth mentioning. The film city is the brainchild of film producer Mr.RamojiRao, who wanted to build a studio similar to the ones in Hollywood. On procuring the land, he signed art director Dr. Nitish Roy to design the complex. The design was made in a way that kept the land, which at that time consisted of jungles and mountainous terrain, intact, without removing one tree or mountain. It is the largest integrated film city in the world and as such has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the ‘Largest Studio Complex in the World’. The Guardian also described Ramoji Film City as "City Within a City”.

He has also directed many mainstream as well as Children Films based on Indian Folk stories and Fairy Tales in Bengali and Hindi. His direction in the films makes the audience to rethink about the subject. His commitment towards old Indian Folk and Fairy Tales is really appreciable and he never thinks twice to canvas the same for this generation children, who are really deprived of the beautiful story line and moral within it. He thinks that building character is the call of this hour and that needs nurture and proper upbringing of self-entity.

Dr. Nitish Roy boasts himself of being an Indian and has really contributed in his own way for his motherland.