Art Works

ART WORKS is a new kind of Architectural and Communication firm providing a full range of Design and production services for it's Corporate, Entertainment, Museum and Hospitality Clients.

Whether designing an entire park, a single attraction retail outlet, restaurant or mixed used development, Nitish Roy and his team provides the creative energy and applied knowledge necessary to successfully launch a new project or improve existing ones. A well equipped operational and managerial experience allows us to deliver innovative design and concepts that work.

Our experience with fibre glass for over 2 decades and its innovative use along with cement casting (glass reinforcement cement) has helped in making structures hitherto thought impossible with case and perfection and most importantly with speed. This makes it financially very feasible too.

We have a group of trained professional and semi professional persons to supervise the execution of our specialized work. Married to our penchant for man power utilization is a state of art computerization of the complete design process. This enhances our designing capabilities and enables us to have better perception of our schematic design results.

Having designed, executed and most with the running of projects like RFC, ensures that we know what not to do both in design and marketing.

We believe that the execution of every project should have one very clear motto - Utilization without Exploitation with a strong emphasis on ecological and environmental balance.

After analyzing end user profiles we conclude that the demand for today is active recreation like in Theme Park, Water Park and Amusement park.

Entertainment - Film, Laser Shows, Fountains, Hospitality Services and Shopping Malls.

Visit us for a total realization of your dream Whichever category it may be.